Skinny Beam & E3 Labs Clients
Skinny Beam Office

Dear Clients,
It is with excitement and candor that we let you know our current Bee Caves location will be moving. We will be closing the doors of this location on the 28th of October 2022. While we will be staying in the area we wanted you to be aware we will be closing for a few months to work on rebranding, relocating and making our program the best ever.

We so appreciate your support throughout our many years at this location. But the new and improved office location will be much more spa-like and inviting. Throughout our years at this location, we have wonderful memories of the amazing people that have come through our doors and we are inviting only our best customers to keep in touch and hopefully become regulars at our new location in the future. Please be aware you can still order products from us through our e3labs website while we are working on getting the new location up and running.

Sincere thanks,
Skinny Beam Staff