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Got Stubborn Belly Fat? Read on…

By September 4, 2015Uncategorized

If you have belly fat…you most likely have Candida.

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Have a belly and can’t seem to get rid of it? Ever CRAVE sugar?  Eat the american diet? SAD = “Standard American Diet” Then you most likely have Candida in your body.  Over time, candida can cause swelling and inflammation systemically throughout the body.  In a recent study, it shows that 80% of american’s have candida in their body. In addition, the study revealed that candida can account for up to 34 pounds in the average american.

The Candida Test:

It’s a simple test, At bed time simply take a clear glass fill it with water, leave by your the bed.  The moment you wake up in the morning..BEFORE you kiss the significant other, or rinse your mouth…BEFORE you do anything…Spit in the glass of water.   Leave. After 30 minutes look at the spit…IF you see icicles hanging down i.e. if it drops THEN you are positive for Candida.  IF the spit 100% floats on the top of the water THEN you are negative for Candida.

How to reduce Candida in your body?

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How do I take the Ultra Slim Cleanse for BEST Results?

Ultra Slim Cleanse Protocol to reduce Candida in the body:

1ml a day for 3 days

2ml a day for 3 days

4ml a day for 3 days

5ml a day for 3 days

6ml a day for 60 days

You must make all 60 days if not start back at 5 ml per day, then start over.
Take first thing in the morning. For best results eliminate drinking alcohol during this process.  The product dumps the toxins into the liver. DRINK LOTS of water during this process.

NOTE : if at any time you get flu like symptoms stop for 3 days, then resume at the next level below your last level. Example: if you were at 4 drops for 3 days and get feeling unwell, you would start at level 3 for 3 days; until you felt normal and then resume. DO NOT STOP.  The feeling is due to the fact that the Ultra Slim Cleanse is working and dumping toxins into your lymphatic system. Drink lots of water to assist your body in elimination.

Thank you for trusting E2 = Effective + Efficient Lab with Your Health,

Dr. Don Salyer

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