Skinny Beam Package Pricing

Getting You Skinny! One Inch at a Time….

Frequently Asked Questions about Skinny Beam:

How Much Will I loose my First Time?

The average person looses 2-5 inches on their first session with Skinny Beam. To lose 10 pounds we suggest 10 sessions PLUS the use of the Supplements. The machine is great, it tells the body to ‘dump’ fat out your fat cells and into your lymphatic system. The supplements assists your body in this deep detoxing process.

Is it Mandatory to take Don’s Supplements? When will my account be activated?

Another Great Question. No, it is not mandatory. However, we HIGHLY suggest taking the Ultra Slim Cleanse, the Slender Sea and the Metabolic Weight Loss Drops along with the use of the Skinny Beam machine. The Machine is awesome, and we find that the patients that use the supplements WITH their Sessions, lose more inches. CLICK HERE TO SEE ULTRA SLIM CLEANSE

How Long does it last? Do the inches stay off Permanently?

GREAT question. It is depends on when you eat the next cheesecake…We like to explain it like this…If you go to the gym for a week and lose inches, how long does it take to come back? Answer: when you choose to. The Skinny Beam DOES have you loose inches, but keeping it off it up to you. Changing your eating and starting on THE Skinny Solution Program will help you in KEEPING it off! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

I want to lose 10 pounds or more, will this help me?

YES! To lose 10 pounds or more, we suggest the PLATINUM Package and working DIRECTLY with Don on The Skinny Solution. Don works with you to re-balance your hormones, detox your blood, and alkaline your body. WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE